C&S Window & Glass Repair, LLC

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C&S Window & Glass Repair, LLC

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51 ave. No., St. Petersburg Florida

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First off Thank you for taking the time out to come to my web site. My Name is Chet Sala I’m owner of C&S Window & Glass Repair and also the person that does all the work plus answer the phone. As you see I’m a small company that takes pride in my work and Business ethic. I started off when I was 18 years old working at Tropical Home Service here in St.Petersburg. I got all my training there for 10 years before I went on my own in 1989. Being Self Employed has given me so much back and when I say that I mean not in Material things but in spending allot of time with my 2 boys. being a single Dad in this day and age is tough enough so being Self Employed gave me allot time with my kids that I wouldn’t have if I had a 9 to 5 job. I hope you give me a chance to work for you and will not dissapoint you and I strive every day to do the best Job I possible can do. Thank you Chet S.


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