Different Types of Replacement Windows

Save Money in Window Replacements

There will always come a time that windows at home will be broken or become old and replacing them is the best idea. Replacement windows are the best solution to that problem. Replacing window however is not that easy. It needs time and preparation and of course a specific budget.

Before replacing the windows, homeowner should first know the different types of windows that can be mounted on the wall. It should be noted that these types of windows have different price range.

  • Double hung window- the most common amongst all types wherein there are 2 sashes and only half of the window can be opened at a time.
  • Fixed window- this inexpensive window cannot be opened.
  • Jalousie window- this is popular during the mid century wherein the windows are placed on a narrow strips one on top of the other.
  • Casement window- this window pivots vertically so that the window can swing in or out.
  • Awning window- this is similar to a casement window but it pivots horizontally.
  • Sliding window- the principle is the same like sliding doors wherein it can move with the top and bottom tracks.

Considering the homeowner was able to choose what type of replacement windows to be bought, the application is the next step.  When letting somebody else do it, the usual price range is at $300 to $400. Sometimes, it can be as high as $1000 depending on the materials and the labor fees. Since this can be costly, do-it-yourself replacement windows are available to cut off huge amounts of money. Aside from the materials, the person who installs this should have keen eye for details a lot of hardwork.

  1. Assessment should be done before purchasing the replacement windows of choice.
  2. After the assessment, think of the possible frame to be used. Vinyl frames are cheap and it doesn’t need maintenance. Woods should be maintained but to avoid that, this can be painted. The third type is the fiberglass which is costly than the first two but it is durable and no maintenance needed at all. Aluminum is the most pricey product
  3. Once the frame and the windows are bought, the old window should be removed. From inside the house, the sashes should be removed and if these are removed go out and remove the frames. After that, the entire window can be removed using a utility knife. This is done by creating a small crack in the sides.
  4. Once the replacement windows are completely removed, dry fit the window to make sure the window fits. Check the sill and seal it so that now water can come in.
  5. Apply a silicone bid before setting the new window in its place. When placing the window, put the bottom edge first and then put the frame upright. After putting in place, push the window and create a seal by using the silicone.
  6. Check again if the replacement window is proportional. If it is, then install the shims. First on the top, then bottom and finally the middle. After doing so, look at the gaps if the between the frame and the sashes. If it bows, the window will not open properly but if it is proportionate, the screws can be placed.
  7. Since there are gaps, this should be filled using expansion foam. This process makes sure that the opening is airtight.

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