Double-Hung Window Replacement

Cost Effective Ways on Double-Hung Window Replacement

Although there are many types of windows available, many household still chooses double-hung windows. In some cases, many home owners consider from single-hung to double-hung window replacement.

Unlike Vinyl Window Replacements, double-hung window is a window that has a casement wherein the sash can slide vertically. There are two sashes the upper and the lower sash where owners can slide one over the other (more information about Sash Windows). This is considered to be a very traditional style of window.

Many people want to have double-hung window replacement because of its many benefits. For one, it is a versatile window since it can provide an ample amount of ventilation. Another, it aids in easy cleaning since sashes can be tilted; the person can clean the window either when outside or inside. And when the window breaks, it can be easily replaced. Many companies nowadays not only offer warranty but also designed easy replacement for damaged windows.

Apart from that, others considered double-hung window replacement because this type can compliment many modern facilities and the different styles of architectural structures. Some companies create double-hung windows that protects from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This is very comforting especially to modern offices in tropical countries or during summertime. Even in households, double-hung window replacement is a good idea because it can reduces heat inside the house thus promoting ease of air passing from one window to another. Some windows cannot give that so it is better to replace them.

When thinking about double-hung window replacement, the budget is always considered. Some people cannot afford to hire a contractor to change their windows. Good thing though, double-hung windows can be replaced easily by following these steps.

  1. Measure the window to be replaces appropriately and precisely before the double-hung window replacement. Measure the width, the middle and the bottom part of the window opening. Also take the height. And write down the measurements and do not assume the measurements.
  2. Remove the window that should be replaced carefully by using a prybar. Remove the lower sash first and then the upper sash by using the equipment.
  3. Then, place the double-hung window replacement on the window opening. As much as possible, ask help from other people to ensure the safety of the window. Lattices can be used to support the bottom part of the window. Sometimes, some vinyl windows have uneven proportions. To solve the problem, the window should be set to open then measure the gap between the bottom edge and the sloped area of the window.
  4. A strip support should be made by installing strips of wood to be inserted at the window gaps. Then check if the window is still place proportionally by knowing if the window is still square. Shims should be then placed and screw holes should be filled.
  5. Finally, if the window is in place, a seal should be applied to keep the window in place.

Although a do-it-yourself (DIY window replacement) can be an effective budget-friendly thing to do, nothing still compares to having the experts do the double-hung window replacement especially if the family is not tight on budget.

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