Sash Windows

Having sash windows can cut off energy consumption

There are many types of windows available today that adds personality to the whole house. Others are fitted for modern houses; some, old or traditional. One of the windows that give a rustic feeling is the sash windows.

Unlike Casement Windows, sash windows are movable either horizontally or vertically by the use of the sash, it cannot be pushed open or closed because the weight is placed on a box case wherein it only entails sliding up or down. This type of window is found in most Victorian houses and the traditional arrangement is that there are three panels divided equally but these panels cannot be moved. Many believe that this type of houses originates from England. Today, this type of window has always been used especially in country sides where houses seem to be old or rustic.

Although sash windows can give the feeling of melancholy or even sentimental, it gives good ventilation to many houses. Since the sash can be slid up and down, when the weather is hot, the window can be opened where the cool air can freely flow into the bottom by the aid of the sash. Because of that, today, many people have been planning to change their window into sash windows or restore their sash windows so that energy bills won’t rise and there is no need to use fans or air conditioning units.

Today, there are a variety of online shops and even DIY books that will help in reconditioning the sash windows. Sometimes, the problem is not that hard and all that is needed are seals. When addressing this problem it is important to buy durable and reliable seals because these adhering factor in the windows such as suspending or not allowing the noise, the dusts and other factors which can disturb the house’s peace. Also, these seals are used in closing in the gap thus, making the window useful and improve the circulation of the house.

At some point, there are still people who love to do DIY projects because it gives them a sense of self fulfillment. Because of that, there is a DIY shop that sells materials for sash window making or repairing. Keep in mind that this kind of activity should only be done with people who have a good know-how on the sash windows and they always practice safe DIY projects. A DIY project for sash window should include pile carrier, nylon sash cord, wooden staff and working bead and a lot more.

Sometimes a DIY book or anything that’s said in the internet cannot be fully done by a person alone does not specialize in repairing or making a sash window look good. Since windows have glasses, other people need to make their glass double glaze for their personal reasons. This can also be done but this time with the help pile of an expert. The good thing about double blaze is that the double glaze is also energy efficient and can make the house more comfortable. Lastly, if the window sills are heavily damaged, it is best to call for the help of other people to achieve a full and beautiful reconstruction of the sash window.

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