Wooden Window

Things about Wooden Window and Why Choose Them During the past until now, people are continued to be sheltered by houses and buildings. To be sheltered is one of the basic needs of a human being. Being sheltered from rain and storms is the role of the houses and buildings whether they are served as [...]

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows-The Best Choice for Your Windows! Putting up a new house is not an easy thing. You must have the money to spend on the materials, labor and other inputs. You need to have a clear budget and be efficient in using your resources. A careful planning and research will really help you a [...]

Sash Windows

Having sash windows can cut off energy consumption There are many types of windows available today that adds personality to the whole house. Others are fitted for modern houses; some, old or traditional. One of the windows that give a rustic feeling is the sash windows. Unlike Casement Windows, sash windows are movable either horizontally [...]

House Windows

Bringing Style to Your Home Using Windows An often overlooked element of the aesthetic of a home is the windows. House windows are a crucial element to the look and style of the home. They are also one of the only elements that affect both the interior and exterior of the home. If you make [...]

Double Hung Windows

The Elegance of Double Hung Windows Can you imagine a home without a window? A window allows us to see the scenery from the outside. It is also is a way for the sunlight to pass through and reach inside our house to make it more alive. Houses cannot be called a home without windows. [...]

Double Glazed Windows

Make your Home More Energy Efficient with Window Choice With the high cost of household bills in the current economy, many people are looking to improve the energy efficiency. In order to accomplish this, home owners need to understand where they lose energy. Much of the energy wasted in homes goes, literally, out the windows. Unlike [...]

Casement Windows

A window attached to its frame by one or two hinges is called a casement window. It is swung on opposite sides of the frame and is usually made of leaded glass. Casement windows open inwards and are covered by a window shutter that is functional. Windows that open at the top of the frame [...]

Aluminium Windows

The Modern Windows: Aluminium Windows You love your window so much that you never wanted to replace it, ever. You put different designs of curtains to your window and make it as personal as possible. However, there are things that we cannot really control. A baseball hit your window and it needs to be replaced [...]