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Bay Window Replacement

Merge Outdoor Beauty with Indoor Beauty through Bay Window

Bay windows are the modern day windows for home. If you are ready to replace your old fashion window, the best option will be a bay window replacement. The bay window replacement will require the skilled professional that will replace the old windows or you can do it yourself. Bay windows will give spacious, classy and bright look to your room. The bay windows are the best way to get more sunshine inside the room due to their design. Using the bay windows enables to utilize more space than other rooms which have other type of windows. And if you want merge the inner and outer beauty, go for bay windows.

Usually the bay windows comprises of three sections which are hanging outwards from the wall at the angle of 30 or 45 degrees. If you wish to get bay window replacement done by the professional then you will have to search for the best window replacement contractor and give them the job. The other thing you will need to look for is pricing and signing a contract with them. The replacement can also do by you with some of the guidelines that will help. There are bay window replacement kits available in the market and it needs very few helping hands to install it. The first step in bay window replacement is planning.

The first thing while bay window replacement is to measure the size of replacement windows. Then you will have to go out and search in the market replacement for the required size. It will be good if you find it in the market as it will save money of customizing the windows. After that you will have decide about the material of which the bay window will be made up of. The options for material that are available are vinyl, wood. Wood will be cheap but will require a lot of maintenance while vinyl is cheap and maintenance free. The next step in bay window replacement is selecting the shape for the window square, vertical sides or round. These bay windows can increase the size of the room up to three feet depending on their shape and size.

The kits for the replacement should be bought from those manufacturers that are renowned in this field as their product will be more reliable and long-lasting. The next step is of removing the old windows. This task should be done patiently and carefully as you might break something more than required. Firstly the sash tracks and stops should be removed then the frame is removed. The next step in bay window replacement is to install the new window. In this step firstly you’ll have to place one by four board that will support the window. If required put the shims between the board and walls of the house. Aluminum flashing tape should be added at side of windows. The centre window should be placed first and then the side windows and wood pieces should be added to support the frame. You are ready to use your new bay window.

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